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Jocelynn Pearl, Ph.D.


Jocelynn Pearl, PhD, is a molecular and cellular biologist with over a decade of experience working on cutting-edge therapies for oncology, CNS, and other disorders. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley and her PhD from the University of Washington and the Institute for Systems Biology in 2017. Her dissertation examined systems genomics approaches for understanding transcription factor networks in several neurological disorders. Previously, Dr. Pearl worked on some of the first gene and epigenome editing programs at Sangamo BioSciences (2010-2013). She has engineered T cells using epigenome editors during a postdoctoral fellowship at Altius Institute (2017-2019), and went on to engineer novel CAR T cells for solid tumor malignancies at Lyell Immunopharma. She then worked to advance epigenome engineering towards the clinic at Tune Therapeutics in Seattle, WA from 2020-2024. Today, she is building out personalized cancer cell therapies at a new venture. Her passion lies in developing next-generation therapies for devastating illnesses for which there is no cure.

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