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The FAM177A1 Research Fund has partnered with Perlara, PBC to 

accelerate research and develop patient-focused treatments.


Click links below to read the FAM177A1 Cure Odyssey and a fascinating piece about how Perlara leveraged ChatGPT technology to learn more about FAM177A1 and how technology can be used to help all rare diseases. 

"Imagine a collection of AI bots that empower the Jills and FAM177A1 Research Foundations of the world both operationally and scientifically — collectively, CureGPT. Like having your own Lt. Commander Data at your side on your Cure Odyssey!" ~Perlara


"Scientists must be actively recruited to the community. It’s an often thankless but vital job that falls on pioneer parents and community founders like Jill to enlighten, charm, and if necessary cajole researchers to join the FAM177A1 Research Foundation mission to create clinically actionable knowledge where it didn’t exist before." Perlara

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