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CURE Epilepsy Partnership Grant

The FAM177A1 Research Fund has the opportunity to partner with  CURE Epilepsy to fund a grant up to $100,000.00 to advance our research. 

🔍 Our research initiatives include:

1️⃣ Developing patient-derived cell lines to unravel FAM177A1 loss-of-function mechanisms and test gene therapy effectiveness.

2️⃣ Establishing drug repurposing assays to find potential treatments and crafting gene therapy strategies.

3️⃣ Utilizing patient databases to define clinical phenotypes, develop biomarkers, and capture symptomatology.


May 14, 2024: Request for Proposals Opens

June 11, 2024: Letters of Intent Deadline

June 26, 2024: Fill Application Invitations

July 26, 2024: Full Application Deadline

Dec 2024-Jan 2025: Anticipated Awardee Notification

Spring 2025: Earliest Award Start Date

More information about the grant can be found on the CURE Epilepsy website here


Submit your proposals here.

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