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The FAM177A1 Research Fund

The FAM177A1 Research Fund was inspired by Charlotte and Cooper, the first two in the world diagnosed with a rare disease caused by a loss of function of the FAM177A1 gene. Disruptions on the FAM177A1 gene cause intellectual disability, seizures, autism, progressive motor challenges and more.  There is currently no cure or treatment. 


After a 16 year diagnostic odyssey, we finally have a diagnosis and information about this previously understudied gene is accumulating at a relatively rapid pace.   Our team of clinicians and researchers think that a treatment is within reach. We are determined and urgently seeking more information as Charlotte’s motor function is in decline and Cooper’s seizures are worsening. 


The Mission of the FAM177A1 Research Fund is to improve the lives of those affected by FAM177A1 through research and developments of treatments, therapies and support systems.  

The FAM177A1 Research Fund was founded by Jill (President) and Doug (Vice-President) Hawkins in 2021 when their children were diagnosed and their race for precision therapeutics for Charlotte and Cooper and others like them began.   It is a Washington nonprofit corporation awaiting approval for 501(c)(3) status.  We are guided by a brilliant and dedicated Scientific Advisory Board.

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