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Helen Hernandez, Board Member

Helen W. Hernandez is a highly driven individual with a science background and a passion for helping people affected by rare diseases. She got her B.S. in Biochemistry from the Florida Institute of Technology where she did research in the areas of biocatalysis, synthetic chemistry, and computational chemistry under the mentorship of Dr. Mark J. Novak. She got her M.S. from the Physical Chemistry division of the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department from the University of Oklahoma where she did computational chemistry research in the lab of Dr. Ulrich Hansmann and where she deepened her passion for reading scientific literature. After graduating, she spent several years at Flotek Chemistry where she worked as a Research Chemist doing physical chemistry research and strengthening her abilities to make meaningful connections across seemingly separate areas of science. She has 9 peer-reviewed publications including original research, a book chapter, and an expert review. She is currently a Scientist and Founder at KAL Research Initiatives LLC, which is dedicated to impacting patients and families suffering from rare diseases. 

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